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The 7 P’s Of Motivation

November 1, 2018

1. Purpose – what’s your why? If we don’t have a strong reason behind why we’re taking action we will give into the temptation to quit as soon as it arises. Having a strong why allows us to overcome the challenges that come our way because our mission is too important for us to give up on.

2. Passion – loving what we do. The only way to do great things is to love what we do, having a passion for the things we choose to do will keep us motivated whilst pursuing our dreams because we enjoy what we do and it doesn’t feel like “work”.

3. Patience – knowing our time will come. The mighty oak sleeps in the humble acorn – greatness takes time and we must learn to apply this analogy to ourselves. Our hard work is being invested into providing the best growing conditions for our idea acorn which, over time, will grow into the oak tree of our dreams.


4. Persistence – pushing forward in the face of adversity. We are going to face challenges every single day, our ability to push forward despite these obstacles determines whether or not we will remain motivated to stick to the path or quit. The obstacle is the way forward, not a diversion.

5. Progress – the result of taking action. One of the most powerful motivating factors along our journey to success is seeing the results manifest in our lives. Aligning our thoughts, beliefs and actions with what we desire manifests results and this empowers us to take more action to create the life of our dreams.

6. People – our positive vibe tribe. We become the average of the people we spend the most time with, surrounding ourselves with others who are on similar paths encourages us to take action. Spending time with those who are making excuses for why they don’t have what they desire will result in us behaving in the same way instead of creating success.

7. Positivity – looking for the good in each day. Every day may not be good, but there will be some good in each day. Training our minds to look for the upside from every challenge we face is what keeps us going when hard times strike – and they strike often.

Motivation comes from progress, progress comes from actions.

Peace & positive vibes.


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