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7 Ways To Deal With Overthinking

1. Mindfulness – tuning into the now. Our minds will drift in and out of the present moment, the key to stopping overthinking is catching ourselves in the act and grounding ourselves in the now. We can do this by tuning into the body using the senses – we must lose the mind and come… View Article

6 Powerful Ways To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

1. Authenticity – being true to ourselves. We can avoid unnecessary suffering by being 100% authentic and only saying yes when we want to say yes and no when we want to say no instead of acting in the interests of others which opens the possibility of manipulation. 2. Gratitude – giving thanks each day…. View Article

5 Powerful Self-Love Practices To Improve Your Mental Health

1. Meditation – making time to be present with ourselves. Being present with ourselves during meditation allows us time to disconnect from the illusion of “problems” and gain perspective. A regular meditation practice has countless benefits which all contribute to positive changes in our state of mind. 2. Exercise – moving into the body. The… View Article

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Practicing Self-Acceptance

1. It takes time. The process of accepting ourselves doesn’t happen overnight, it is completely dependent on how we behave & think. If we are committed to the path of spiritual growth we must approach it with a long-term mindset. 2. We need to be patient with ourselves. It can be frustrating to revisit old… View Article