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9 Excuses You Can Get Rid Of Right Now

1. I don’t have time – make the time. We make time for the things that mean most to us, some great ways of freeing up time would be removing ourselves from negative people, eliminating television and waking up earlier. 2. I don’t have money – what other assets are available? Indeed, money can be… View Article

7 Things That Will Help You Start Taking Action Today

1. Tribe – the people we surround ourselves with. We become the average of the people we spend the most time with, if we aren’t taking action now we must surround ourselves with people who are and allow their characteristics to rub off on us. 2. Perspective – reclaiming our power. Many of us are… View Article

6 Consequences Of Giving Up On Your Dreams

1. Regrets – discipline weighs ounces, regrets weigh tonnes. It requires discipline to create the reality we desire, if we’re not prepared to be disciplined we must be ready to accept the consequences which will be a lifetime of regrets and unfulfillment. 2. Resentment – the result of deep unfulfillment. When we are unfulfilled by… View Article

7 Reasons Why You’re Lacking Motivation

1. Negative people – misery loves company. Some people have given up on their dreams and watching others live theirs causes them to reflect on their own decisions which they find uncomfortable and hence why they try to stop others from winning. We must be aware that we become the average of the people we… View Article

The 7 P’s Of Motivation

1. Purpose – what’s your why? If we don’t have a strong reason behind why we’re taking action we will give into the temptation to quit as soon as it arises. Having a strong why allows us to overcome the challenges that come our way because our mission is too important for us to give… View Article

The 7 P’s Of Staying Motivated

1. Purpose – knowing our mission. When we have a strong reason behind why we embarked on the journey we can overcome any obstacles in our path simply by reminding ourselves why we started and why we will not accept failure. 2. Progress – the results of our actions. A powerful motivating factor for us… View Article

6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Give A F*ck About The Opinions Of Others

1. Time – our most precious asset. We cannot buy back our time once it’s gone and this is why we must not waste this most precious of assets on things that do not contribute to our success. Our lives take shape depending on how we invest our time, if we invest time into the… View Article

7 Things That Will Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

1. Entitlement – the world doesn’t owe us anything. Often times we think “If Beyoncé just reposted me I’d be successful” – she doesn’t owe us anything and neither does anyone else. We have to put in the work to create the results we desire, looking for handouts is a passive approach to creating the… View Article

6 Reasons Why You Need To Take Action On Your Goals Today

1. Time – there’s no time like the present. There will never be a “right time” – the time is now because now is all we ever have. Change only occurs in one place and that is the present moment – let’s get to it. 2. Death – we can’t achieve our goals when we’re… View Article

9 Ways To Build Mental Toughness

1. Exercise – testing the limits of the body & mind. Strenuous exercise pushes us to our limits and forces us to keep moving forward even when we feel like we want to give up – this builds mental toughness over time. 2. Meditation – regularly cleaning our mental hard drives. One thing that’s stopping… View Article

6 Signs You’re Becoming Your Strongest Version

1. Confidence – the relationship we have with ourselves. Being sure of ourselves and enjoying our own company is a clear sign that we’re becoming a stronger version of ourselves each day. 2. Wisdom – lessons we’ve learned. Learning from our experiences in life is how we grow from them, becoming our strongest version means… View Article