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7 Ways You Can Create Peace Of Mind Today

October 30, 2018

1. Perspective – taking a step back. Often times we view our lives through the first-person perspective and this results in us losing sight of the big picture. Taking a step back and observing ourselves from the third-person perspective allows us to honestly assess what’s taking away our peace – whether that be ourselves or external influences.

2. Exercise – working out our stress. Emotions are energy in motion, if we don’t allow them to be expressed they will manifest in poor mental health and prevent us from achieving peace of mind. Moving into the body is one of the most powerful ways this energy can be expressed.

3. Meditation – dropping our mental baggage. The practice of detaching ourselves from thoughts and allowing them to pass through the mind without focusing on them is what helps us deal with negative thoughts when they arise. Peace of mind is created when we focus on love instead of fear.

4. Nature – filling the mind with peace. Our subconscious mind draws on what we feed it to create thoughts, if we are feeding our minds conflict we will find it extremely difficult to find peace. Feeding ourselves peaceful imagery such as running water & dense greenery gives the subconscious fuel to create peaceful thoughts.


5. Love – revolving our lives around the things that make us feel good. Surrounding ourselves with the people, places and things that nurture & support our growth is how we provide the ideal conditions to begin cultivating peace of mind. A seed will not grow if the soil around it is poisonous.

6. Rest – making time to do nothing. We live in a society that encourages us to live life by the clock and this is why many of us feel like we’re always on the go. We must make time to do nothing to bring balance to this lifestyle and avoid the risk of burnout.

7. Authenticity – being true ourselves. Much of the conflict we experience within can be significantly decreased simply by being true to ourselves and saying yes when we want to say yes and no when we want to say no. It’s difficult to create peace of mind when we’re lying to ourselves & others.

When what you say, think & do are all in harmony – then you will know peace.

Peace & positive vibes.


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