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7 Things That Will Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

September 4, 2018

1. Entitlement – the world doesn’t owe us anything. Often times we think “If Beyoncé just reposted me I’d be successful” – she doesn’t owe us anything and neither does anyone else. We have to put in the work to create the results we desire, looking for handouts is a passive approach to creating the life we want to live.

2. Complaining – a waste of time. Time spent complaining is time wasted because it achieves nothing. We have a choice to make: either take action to create change or don’t – either way we are responsible for the way our lives look.

3. Limiting beliefs – practice makes better. One of the most common limiting beliefs is “I’m not good enough” – we must see that this is a self-imposed limitation. We can get better at our chosen craft or discipline by simply putting in the hours – this is how the greats became great.

4. Excuses – the justification for not taking action. When we make excuses such as “I’m tired” we are only justifying why we don’t want to take action to achieve our goals. Excuses sound best to those making them and do nothing to help us along the path to success.


5. Comparison – the greatest way to doubt ourselves. Whatever we focus on grows, if we are focused on the achievements of others our resentment toward them and ourselves will grow. We cannot compare our behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel because don’t know what it took for them to get to where they are now.

6. People pleasing – time we could be investing in ourselves. The time we spend living up to the expectations of others is time we could be investing in achieving our goals. We need to prioritise our fulfillment above all else and this requires authenticity – saying yes when we mean yes & no when we mean no.

7. Mindset – success is a marathon, not a sprint. Many of us are in a hurry to achieve our goals and this is an indication that we are not enjoying the process – which is where fulfillment comes from. There’s no need to rush when we love what we do because the journey is the destination.

There’s no need to rush, you are exactly where you need to be – the journey is the destination.

Peace & positive vibes.


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