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7 Things That Will Help You Start Taking Action Today

November 1, 2018

1. Tribe – the people we surround ourselves with. We become the average of the people we spend the most time with, if we aren’t taking action now we must surround ourselves with people who are and allow their characteristics to rub off on us.

2. Perspective – reclaiming our power. Many of us are trapped in a cycle of inactivity, to put an end to this we must recognise that we are the only ones standing in our way. We must take responsibility for where we’re at and know something must change for our lives to change – that something is us.

3. Mindfulness – being in the now. In order for us to take action we need to tune into the only place where action can be taken – the present moment. When the mind wanders away from the now we must ground ourselves by tuning into the body – we do this by paying attention to our senses.


4. Not giving a f**k – disregarding the opinions of others. We all resonate with different things, just because others “don’t get it” – this shouldn’t deter us from achieving our goals. It’s up to us to focus on what we want & starve the distractions all around us.

5. Passion – loving what we do. The only way to do great things is to do what we love, if we don’t love what we do – we’re going to procrastinate. When we’re doing what we love there is no need to procrastinate because we enjoy what we’re doing and look forward to it every day.

6. Urgency – do we want to have regrets? Not taking action on our goals will result in regret further down the road. We must recognise that nothing in this life is promised except death and ask ourselves one question – do we want to die with memories or regrets?

7. The past – using our mistakes to fuel us. We have to assess where we are and understand that the reality we experience today is a result of how we’ve behaved in the past. To create the reality we desire today we must learn from our past mistakes and change our behaviour today.

Change only occurs in one place – the present moment.

Peace & positive vibes.


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