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6 Telltale Signs Someone Is Fake Woke

October 30, 2018

1. Separation – seeing themselves as separate from others. Can we truly claim to be awakened individuals when we feed notions of separation such as race, religion and age? Awakening is the process of transcending these types of illusions.

2. Externalisation – refusing to look within. The fake woke find being self-critical particularly challenging because they seek to externalise the changes they seek within themselves onto others. This can be done in many forms such as seeking out relationships with others with the intention of “uplifting them”.

3. Projection – acting out of ego. Trying to force or coerce others into believing the same things as we do is a form of projection and this comes from the ego as it desires to gain the validation, praise or acceptance of others. Transcending the need to do this requires introspection and practicing self-acceptance.


4. Contradiction – inconsistency of beliefs. A clear sign someone is pretending to be woke is saying all the right things such as “separation is the illusion” and then actively participating in the illusion by identifying themselves as separate to others by using derogatory terms to describe those who have not yet awakened.

5. Intolerance – not willing to understand others. Along our journeys of awakening, we will come across others who “don’t get it” and this can be frustrating. The further within ourselves we look the more accepting we become of ourselves and then the views of others, no matter how alien to our own they may be, become tolerable.

6. Ignorance – being closed off to knowledge. Fake woke people close themselves off to some forms of knowledge because of the source it comes from – either science or religion – and claim it’s untrustworthy or somehow illegitimate. Knowledge, regardless of the source, can assist us along our path but only if we are open to being taught. When the student acknowledges they are a student the teacher shall appear.

True wisdom is knowing the extent of one’s own ignorance.

Peace & positive vibes.


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