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6 Signs You’re Becoming Your Strongest Version

August 21, 2018

1. Confidence – the relationship we have with ourselves. Being sure of ourselves and enjoying our own company is a clear sign that we’re becoming a stronger version of ourselves each day.

2. Wisdom – lessons we’ve learned. Learning from our experiences in life is how we grow from them, becoming our strongest version means looking for the lessons hidden within our experiences and integrating them.

3. Manifestations – what are our actions creating? The consequences of our actions are present in what we are surrounded by in our lives, it is clear to see whether or not we are moving closer or further away from our dreams.

Greatness takes time, keep going

4. Positivity – feeling good about where we’re headed. Having a positive outlook on life allows us to use the power of belief to fuel us while we do whatever it takes to achieve our goals.

5. Love – doing what we love & loving what we do. Having love in our lives is a key indication of when we are vibrating our highest and creating our best work on the planet. The easiest way to align with love is to ensure that everything we say, think and do is in harmony.

6. Health – our physical & mental wellbeing. The strongest versions of ourselves are well-equipped to deal with physical and mental health challenges when they arise. Going through the experience of dealing with these challenges is how we become our strongest versions.

You are what you do, if you want to be great start doing great things.

Peace & positive vibes.


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