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6 Signs It’s Time To Remove Someone From Your Life

September 16, 2018

1. Hating – they actively discourage us from winning. Spiritual growth is challenging enough without others around us questioning our every action in a derogatory fashion. Removing a hater from our lives is one of the ways we remove negativity and invite more love in.

2. Competition – they feel the need to compete with us. Healthy competition can encourage us to take action on our goals, but when others feel like they need to “do better” than us we need to acknowledge that this is coming from a place of insecurity and if left unchecked we will begin to take on this energy.

3. Guilt tripping – they try to make us feel bad for their own gain. We need to love ourselves enough to distance ourselves from anyone who tries to manipulate our feelings in order to make us do things for them. When it comes to resisting the need to people please we must remember that being true to ourselves can sometimes result in hurting others’ feelings.


4. Projecting – they make their problems ours. There’s a difference between sharing our problems with the intention of working through challenges and putting all of our problems onto others in the form of spite. Whether it’s mean comments or encouraging dysfunctional behaviours such as drug use – we need to identify when others are projecting their problems onto us and maintain our distance until they have learned how to deal with them.

5. Being negative – they downplay our successes & exaggerate our failures. When we aspire to achieve something the road ahead will be paved with setbacks, challenges and difficulties – we don’t need to make it harder by being spoken down to by others who are only spectating. The audience loves to criticise the players, but they have no idea what it’s like to play the game so we cannot take their opinions, thoughts or judgments seriously.

6. Lacking knowledge of self – they gain a sense of identity from external things. Whether it’s material things, money or social status someone gains their sense of identity from – these are all signs of deep insecurity which stem from a lack of knowledge of self. Spending too much time with these people will deter us from our path and may encourage us to over-indulge in these things which will ultimately hinder our spiritual growth.

Love yourself enough to surround yourself with the people who make you feel good.

Peace & positive vibes.


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