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6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Give A F*ck About The Opinions Of Others

November 1, 2018

1. Time – our most precious asset. We cannot buy back our time once it’s gone and this is why we must not waste this most precious of assets on things that do not contribute to our success. Our lives take shape depending on how we invest our time, if we invest time into the way others see us we will spend our whole lives pleasing them instead of ourselves.

2. Priorities – making time for what’s important. Invitations to involve ourselves in situations that are irrelevant to our journeys, such as caring about the opinions of others, will present themselves every single day. It is up to us to discern the difference between the activities that will help us achieve our goals and those that distract us from our path and steer clear of the latter.

3. Mental health – peace of mind. When we feel the opinions of others weighing us down we must identify that this burden is costing us peace of mind and then ask ourselves an important question “if it’s not good for my mental health then why is it in my life?”. We must love ourselves enough to acknowledge that the only person’s opinion that counts is our own.


4. Doubt – the greatest way to doubt ourselves is by comparison to others. Self-doubt has many root causes, one of them is spending time with people who compare us to others. This comparison has no place on our own journey of evolution because we are walking our own path and others are walking theirs. We’re all here to do something different, trying to be the same as others is how we lose sight of our purpose.

5. Perspective – others can only understand us from their level of perception. Often times the thoughts, opinions & judgments of others are projections of the way they see themselves, we must learn to acknowledge that this has nothing to do with us and is everything to do with them.

6. Truth – opinions don’t mean anything. We must remind ourselves that opinions only have the value that we assign to them and before taking someone’s opinion to heart ask ourselves “can I pay my phone bill with this opinion? No, so why should I give it any value?”.

How you see me is nothing to do with me and everything to do with you.

Peace & positive vibes.


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