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6 Consequences Of Giving Up On Your Dreams

November 1, 2018

1. Regrets – discipline weighs ounces, regrets weigh tonnes. It requires discipline to create the reality we desire, if we’re not prepared to be disciplined we must be ready to accept the consequences which will be a lifetime of regrets and unfulfillment.

2. Resentment – the result of deep unfulfillment. When we are unfulfilled by what we do each day we will experience negative emotions which will build up over time and cause us to resent ourselves; this builds until we can no longer hold it in and is released onto those around us through our actions.

3. Tribe – the people we attract to us. We attract what we are and when we give up on our dreams we will attract others who have done the same. This usually results in toxic friend groups, unfulfilling relationships and unnecessary drama because everyone involved has nothing better to do than argue.


4. Distraction – seeking comfort in temporary pleasure. Following our dreams gives our lives a sense of purpose – when this is missing from we will seek out other things to fill the void. The most common distractions include drugs like alcohol, excessive sexual interaction, video games & food.

5. Dysfunction – when our inner turmoil surfaces. There will come a point in time where the distractions no longer fill the void within and this results in seeking out dysfunctional behaviour. Examples of this behaviour include gossip, manipulation and causing physical/emotional/psychological harm to others.

6. Poor health – negativity manifests in the body & mind. The most troubling consequence of giving up on our dreams is the manifestation of poor mental and physical health. This comes from repeatedly ignoring what our emotions are trying to tell us in the form of stress and “soldiering on” through the pain. Although this is promoted in society it is an unsustainable way to live – eventually these emotions catch up with us and we will have to pay the price.

Do you want to die with memories or regrets?

Peace & positive vibes.


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