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9 Excuses You Can Get Rid Of Right Now

1. I don’t have time – make the time. We make time for the things that mean most to us, some great ways of freeing up time would be removing ourselves from negative people, eliminating television and waking up earlier. 2. I don’t have money – what other assets are available? Indeed, money can be… View Article


7 Things That Will Help You Start Taking Action Today

1. Tribe – the people we surround ourselves with. We become the average of the people we spend the most time with, if we aren’t taking action now we must surround ourselves with people who are and allow their characteristics to rub off on us. 2. Perspective – reclaiming our power. Many of us are… View Article


7 Reasons Why You’re Lacking Motivation

1. Negative people – misery loves company. Some people have given up on their dreams and watching others live theirs causes them to reflect on their own decisions which they find uncomfortable and hence why they try to stop others from winning. We must be aware that we become the average of the people we… View Article


The 7 P’s Of Motivation

1. Purpose – what’s your why? If we don’t have a strong reason behind why we’re taking action we will give into the temptation to quit as soon as it arises. Having a strong why allows us to overcome the challenges that come our way because our mission is too important for us to give… View Article


The 7 P’s Of Staying Motivated

1. Purpose – knowing our mission. When we have a strong reason behind why we embarked on the journey we can overcome any obstacles in our path simply by reminding ourselves why we started and why we will not accept failure. 2. Progress – the results of our actions. A powerful motivating factor for us… View Article


6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Give A F*ck About The Opinions Of Others

1. Time – our most precious asset. We cannot buy back our time once it’s gone and this is why we must not waste this most precious of assets on things that do not contribute to our success. Our lives take shape depending on how we invest our time, if we invest time into the… View Article


6 Telltale Signs Someone Is Fake Woke

1. Separation – seeing themselves as separate from others. Can we truly claim to be awakened individuals when we feed notions of separation such as race, religion and age? Awakening is the process of transcending these types of illusions. 2. Externalisation – refusing to look within. The fake woke find being self-critical particularly challenging because… View Article


7 Ways You Can Create Peace Of Mind Today

1. Perspective – taking a step back. Often times we view our lives through the first-person perspective and this results in us losing sight of the big picture. Taking a step back and observing ourselves from the third-person perspective allows us to honestly assess what’s taking away our peace – whether that be ourselves or… View Article


8 Things That Don’t Belong In Your Life In 2018

1. Negative people – a seed will not grow in toxic soil. Negative people have a problem for every solution and this is why we must distance ourselves from them if we want to thrive. We become the average of the people we spend the most time with so we must surround ourselves with positive… View Article


Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Create Success

1. Self-esteem – achieving things for ourselves. Achieving our goals helps us to build self-esteem & confidence. This has a positive impact on our mental health as well as our ability to interact with others because we are operating from a place of respect for ourselves. 2. Fulfilment – feeling content with where our lives… View Article

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